the wooded path

What more can you possibly ask for? 

The feeling you get when walking along a wooded pathway is almost indescribable.
Wait... maybe not. 

The closeness you feel to... something. To everything. It engulfs you.
It protects you. It holds you tight.

You know you are but a piece of all that is around you. 

The smells of this hidden world. The feel of the ground beneath your toes.
Catching golden slivers of sunlight through the branches.
And the sounds. Familiar, yet I can not say what they are.
As you breath in, you can almost taste it. Nature at it's purest.

Walks in the woods are too far between for me. But each time, they welcome me,
as if they were expecting me. As if they know me. 

Maybe they do... know me that is.
Remember me.