clouds and mystical rainbows

Dream's elixir veered between light and clouds to save the blue. 
Munis Khan 

I don't even know what that quote is actually referring too... but I like it. :)
I walk a lot. At least once every day I am outside walking or running, whether it be sunshiny warm or bone chilling cold. I try to walk my dogs twice a day, and sometimes that actually happens. And if I can I walk on my own.
I used to walk on my own often, before we acquired the pups. And though I love them with all my being, I do miss my solitary jaunts through nature. When I'm alone, I can focus on... well, whatever I want. I enjoy the walk for what it is... for what I see... for my own experience.
And so I did this today... walked on my own. And this most amazing cloud was overhead. And through my sunglasses I saw rainbows shooting out from the top of this cloud. But alas, when I took my glasses off, the rainbow was nowhere to be found. So I put them back on and stood in awe of those mystic rainbows which weren't even there. Oh but that cloud... it was most definitely there. And those shadows were too. And it was a beautiful sight to behold.