they play today

Walks that happen toward the end of Summer always feel different to me. Summertime walks are filled with vigor. Walks in the Fall tend to be slower, with a sense of awe for that which is around you. But the end of Summer walk is different... it's that in between time that seems almost suspended. Slower than Summer, but not quite as slow as Fall. You know that time, right?

And it's difficult to be in the now at the end of Summer. I'm anticipating Autumn. I'm waiting for a yellow leaf to fall... for a cool breeze to flow over me. I'm in search of something that has yet to arrive. And when I do see a sign of Fall, it's like 'oh, there you are.' Almost magical.

Lake Bonavista

I can still swim in this water. It's not too cold yet. And the grass is still green and lush. But there are leaves that are turning. And I noticed a formation of geese flying south. Soon.

But maybe I need to learn to appreciate the end of Summer more. To watch our little duck family as they spend their final days together. To enjoy the squirrels playing in the sunshine. They know... they know that cooler days are coming. They know what needs to be done. Yet they play today.