christmastime in the mountains

One of the best things about living in Calgary is being so close to the mountains. This past weekend we had our company Christmas party up in Banff, AB. And though the temperatures were not ideal, the scenery certainly was. 

We can see the mountains from Calgary, but it's still a bit of a drive to get to them. From my house, it's just over an hour's drive. A lot of that time is spent just trying to get out of the city. To quote Hawksley Workman, 'the city is a drag' sometimes. But once you are on the highway and you see them, just there over the horizon, a sudden feeling of peace comes over you. Almost as if you are going home.

We stayed at the Banff Caribou Lodge, which is one of my favourite reasonably priced hotels in Banff. We have stayed there a few times now and it's always a nice little getaway. And of course, the hotel was decorated with gorgeous Christmas charm. There is nothing like Christmastime in Banff.

We ventured out into the minus 30C temps only a few times. We did a little shopping along Banff Avenue, but the cold meant we stayed inside quite a bit. But really, just give me a cup of hot coffee and a window to sit by, and I am happy.

One of the ventures out was to the Rec Centre.

Then it was back inside to enjoy the warmth of the fireplace... and of friendship.

Temps are a little higher now that we're back home, but I must say I miss looking outside the window and seeing a majestic mountain there.