puppy diaries

Babbling Brook Park, Calgary
When we start our daily jaunts with the puppies, they walk with such purpose. Tugging and pulling us toward something over there. We need to be over there. Then as we reach the cool grass of the park, they bound about with little regard to that which is around them, tripping over their own paws. They pull and hop and turn circle upon circle, all the while going forward in the direction of over there. And then, with the slightest scent upon the wind, they stop stride to sniff the air. Ears up, tongue out... ready. With a quick tug on the leash we go onward. But as a dragonfly floats by they stop again to follow it backwards, toward the water. As it flies away, out of reach, they watch. Until the squirrel above chirps and wiggles it's tail in warning. Then paws up on trunk, ears back... we will get you. But the water calls and soon they are there, feet in muck and bellies dripping. A tiny spider floats atop the pond and they stare for a moment. Then back to play.

Puppies are pure joy.