sunday morning

As far as mornings go, Sundays are pretty good. For us, it's sleeping in a little later... snuggling under the covers a little longer... and not having to rush to start the day. And did I mention sleeping in later. I do so love sleeping in.
This morning is a bit on the gloomy side... cool and grey outside. Perfect in my eyes. It feels ever so slightly like Fall to me. And as always... I wait patiently for that season.

With the puppies, we start each day (even sleep in days) with a quiet walk through our wooded park. At least, we hope it to be quiet. With our puppies and the other pups we come across, its not always so peaceful. But for the most part it is... and passing by the babbling brook starts the day off divinely.

Then home for a late breakfast. Today it was waffles and bacon... requested by the boy and ok'd by me. I won't turn down waffles. Ever. Even if I have to make them. Never.

I hope you are enjoying your Sunday.