mountain lullaby

We spent some time in the mountains this past weekend.

After one of the busiest weeks I have had in a long time, I was so ready to get out of the city. From the time we left our house, it had taken over an hour and a half to actually pass through those city limit signs. Traffic is a horrible thing. But we did make it out.
And within minutes, as we rolled through the foothills and neared those mountains... I felt peaceful. All of the stress from the week melted away. I could close my eyes and breathe, as if the mountains were singing me a lullaby.
Though a little gloomy, it was a lovely weekend. And I will count the days until we are there again. Banff never disappoints me, no matter what the weather. We strolled the town streets in search of Maple Fudge.

And we spent plenty of time just staring into the beauty that surrounded us.

I already miss it. :)