life in sunshine

It has been far too long since I visited my little blog here.
But life... oh know. It has a way of filling up with other things.

 Time has been spent outside, in warm temperatures with sunshine on our faces. It seemed a long time coming, with a very early winter starting last October, and a late Spring this year. Too much white for too long. So this green wonderland we have now is almost dreamlike. You won't want to close your eyes for fear it might vanish.

We're enjoying the blue lake as well. The water is chilly still, but we're Canadian.
At the first sign of a melted ice we get in the water. 

But I prefer to stay dry and warm in a canoe personally.
But alas... I've already tipped twice, proving just how cold that water is.

And puppies have grown. Here is Rocky watching J's baseball game the other night.
He loves that boy.

 He's a rascal (one of the nicer terms I could use) but we love him.
I never knew how much work it was to raise a puppy from such a young age.
And this Friday, we get another one. Yes... he will have a little sister to romp around in the sunshine with him.

Even the fish are happy with the warmer weather. Or happy with something...

I hope you are enjoying your life in sunshine too.