cold... so very cold

Every time it gets super cold outside, I find myself longing to go out. The sun is shining so bright right now and looking out the window you would think it was a perfect winter day. But not so much... it's minus 22C right now (in the middle of the day). Bitter cold. I shovelled earlier and my legs almost fell off.
But I won't complain too much because we have had a very mild winter for the most part. It was on the plus side yesterday, and will be again by Friday. Crazy Calgary weather... I feel a cold coming on.

So instead of complaining about cold, I'll write about a few days ago when the sun was also shining but the temperatures were much nicer. They hovered around zero, which for us is perfect. Warm enough to be comfortable in the sun, but cold enough to keep the ice and snow in good condition.
The frozen lake was filled with skaters, enjoying the sunshine and playing hockey.  I love the way everyone just joins into the games. The teams can go from three on three to twelve on twelve pretty fast. Little ones and big ones playing together. I love watching how careful those teenage boys can be around the little kids. See... they can pay attention when they want too.

As for us... we stayed on the hill for the most part. We did some exploring and a lot of sledding.
The boys refused to look at the camera without closing their eyes...

...but we fed them anyway

Evidently I take too many photos. 

Hope those of you around here are keeping warm today. I'm trying...
but I think it may be time to visit some friends down south.
Like Australia south. I could use a little Summer right now.