halloween crows

“On a bare branch a crow is perched - autumn evening”
Basho Matsuo

I adore crows. So often they are frowned upon by storytellers of old. But to me, they are beautiful souls. In many cultures they are believed to hold the powers of darkness. It was widely believed that a crow on your rooftop meant death for those in the home. So... what do crows in your front window mean? Maybe I will find out. 

My son and I went to Michael's yesterday, and I found the crows for half off. They are Martha Stewart and I love them. I couldn't imagine cutting these little guys out by hand, but I did cut the tree branches and fence (from black poster board), all free hand which is what I prefer. And oh how all that work paid off... just look at the evening window from outside.

By the way, do you know how intelligent crows actually are. Here's a Ted Talk I saw last year on The Intelligence on Crows, given by Joshua Klein. 

Amazing creatures.