birthday cupcakes

I'm not much of a decorator when it comes to cakes, pies or other baked items. I can bake a delicious cake, but when it comes to decorating it I'm not the best. I want to be... I really do, but alas it is a challenge for me. So when my son wanted me to make him a Minecraft cake, I was a little worried. So I decided to focus on what I can do well: baking yummy cakes and making cool paper crafts.

I used my favourite chocolate fudge cake recipe and made them into cupcakes. I think we ended up with about 50, because left over cupcakes are never frowned upon in this household.

I made sweet and delicious frosting (that I ate way too much of) and piped it as best I could on top of the cooled cakes. Then I made little paper and card stock Minecraft faces (printed off the internet) to stick on top. I used a toothpick to hold them in place. Worked perfect!

J loved it... his buddies loved it. And I thought it was pretty cool myself.