september swim

'glorious september swim. every swim after august feels like you're stealing... '
Hawksley Workman (Twitter)

Isn't that the truth. The farther north you go, the cooler those September waters can be. This weekend Fall was definitely in the air. The chilly breeze swept along the shore line... making its presence known. And though the sun shone for the most part, as soon as it slipped behind a cloud goosebumps appeared.

The lake in Autumn holds more wonder to me than any other time of the year. The waters may become too cold for swimming, but we can still dip our toes and even wade to the knees. The boat rides across to the island though, those become magical this time of year. The golden light upon the ripples created by the coolest of breezes makes everything seem a little foreign. But the familiar faces, such as ducks that were only tiny babies this spring, swim along side you. And the trees which once stood full with green share their new found firey glory.

Yes... Fall is on her way.