summertime joy... a little update

Wow! This Summer has been a go go go Summer, with all of the little trips and camping and fun we have been having. For a change, we have made the most out of Summertime. It is usually a busy time for us in our business lives, so work has always been at the forefront during this time of year. But we decided (or really... it just happened) to relax a little bit this year. And you know what? It all got done... work and play. Sure there were some late hours put in some nights in order to catch up on everything, but it was worth it just so that we could get out and enjoy ourselves.

We made quite a few trips out and about around Alberta, and ventured over to beautiful BC once. We headed north for a little camping and west for a little hiking. We spent hours and hours at the lake and discovered new places within our own city as well. And we're not quite done yet for the Summer.

But... we did go back to school shopping. We are preparing for the inevitable, but it's all good. Back to school means my boy gets to catch up with all of his friends he hasn't seen over the Summer. I get to ease back into the groove of volunteering on School Council (although that really didn't stop over the Summer). And soon... it will be Fall. My favourite time of year.

And more good news, I have slowly been making changes to a healthier lifestyle over the past few months. I have lost 45 lbs. I've been walking, hiking, biking, lifting... and playing. I feel great!

So here is to the last few weeks of Summertime. Back to my crafty self soon... after all, Halloween is just around the corner. And I have a tonne of spooky craftiness to get into.