nature is so welcoming

There are so many special little places in the Rocky Mountains. Places that see few visitors, hidden back behind those most popular areas. Wild places... peaceful places... places where your spirit can be washed clean (as John Muir would say).
This place here along the Bow River... how very perfect it is. As if someone, with great care and concern, placed those majestic pines on either side, and those rocky peaks just behind.

These roots along the shore of the river serve as a perfect place to sit and dip your toes into the cool waters.
As if she is asking you to stay a while.

 A long passed tree sits along the side of these rapids, its warmth still can be felt. One day it will fall into these waters and be carried around that bend. But for now, it serves as a marker for a perfect place to sit and ponder all that is around us.

And just over there... a mountain meadow.

Nature is so welcoming... it truly is.