100 years of stampede

This year marks the 100 year anniversary of the Calgary Stampede. Every year around this time my city is overtaken by all things western and cowboy. Everyone puts on their cowboy boots and hats and yahoos their way around town. Oh yes they do. :)

During the 10 days that the Stampede runs, my city pretty much closes down and becomes one big party place. While this is fun for those visiting from far and wide, its not always so great for those of us that live here. But we try and embrace the experience as much as we can.

So we headed down to the Stampede grounds for a little while, to take it all in. We're not big on the crowds, but I must admit... we had fun (a lot of fun). We played games, we rode rides, and we learned about our heritage. It was a good day.

But by the end of the day, we were ready to head home. Our feet were tired and our bellies were full of carnival food. (I may have eaten something called a Beef Sundae.)

Great memories! But I'm ready to have my city back to normal.

I think a trip out of town may be in order soon.