weeping rocks

The poetry of the earth is never dead.  ~John Keats
I've never been one to read a book while we travel in the car, as I love to just look out the window and take in all that we pass. Even on our trips through Saskatchewan where the farms and fields take over the landscape, I am glued to the window. But trips through the mountains are my very favourite. To see these massive rocks just outside my window is a miracle every time. Never do I feel so tiny... never do I know my place in the world better... and never do I feel so connected. Here, we stopped for a while to get our feet wet and set our spirits free.
This is Weeping Wall, just north of Lake Louise in Jasper National Park. A huge rock which weeps water downs it's sides, or in other words... there are several waterfalls coming down. We have driven by this rock a few times and the water marks are always different, depending on the conditions. The area you see here is only about 1/3 of the entire mountain, so there is much more you can not see from below. In fact, you will need to hike right up to see all of the other beautiful parts of this mountain.
I've read that in the winter the entire face of this mountain freezes and is a beautiful site to behold. And supposedly it is considered one of the best ice climbs in the world. Who knew?

Can't wait to take a trip back in the January or February.