imperfection... rambling on

Sometimes the most imperfect photo is the most interesting.
I think that goes for people too. Those that are perceived as having the most imperfect qualities are always the most interesting to get to know. I'm not sure I have ever met a perfect person anyway. I have met many that think they are perfect... or at least they give off that feeling. But not one perfect person has ever crossed my path. I'm not even sure what a perfect person would be like. Perfect to me certainly wouldn't be perfect to you.

What color is perfect hair? How long are perfect toes? What does a perfect face look like? What if I have freckles? What if freckles aren't perfect... but they are perfect for freckles?

Too much to think about. And too much to aspire too. Why aspire to be someone else's idea of perfect? We will never get there. And aren't we afraid of losing ourselves somewhere along the way?

(I am always afraid of losing myself.)

I like my photo above, with all it's little imperfections: no filter, red and green dots floating by, taken with my cheap point and shoot camera. Imperfect to a tee... and there's not another one like it anywhere.