awaiting a snow storm... dreaming of spring

It's coming. We've been waiting for it. Shouldn't be long now...
the snow storm that is. It is on it's way.
{ waiting for more snow }
But oh how my heart is longing for Spring. I have some of my plants started inside already. They sit in my bay window waiting for sunshine and warmer weather. And last night I was drawing pictures and dreaming of the greenhouse I want to build in our back yard this Spring. I may be dreaming a little too much with that one.
{ the beginning of spring last year }
And then my son brought out his paper and pencil and designed a larger play house (oh, sorry... fort would be the correct term here) for he and his friends. It was complete with secret passage ways and hidden rooms. He gets his imagination from me. And he sparks my imagination enough that I added a secret passage of my own to my greenhouse. :) And as we sat a little longer and thought about this amazing backyard we would have, we smiled and said together, 'I can't wait for Spring'. 

We are ready. Come on Spring. We are ready.