where is the snow

Lake Bonavista (non) Sledding Hill
Oh... you don't have to worry about tobogganing right now. We have no snow. It's the first of February and we have no snow in Calgary. Sure there are a few piles here and there: under the tall pine trees, along the shadowed curve of the hillside, and spread out over top of the frozen lake. But for the most part, there is no real snow. 

So many of the activities that normally take over our winter days aren't possible right now. We love to go skating on the frozen lake, but with the high temps and melting through out the day, the surface of the lake is very uneven. We still try though and make it into a game of who can stay on their feet the longest. I lost by the way.

The lack of snow means sledding is out of the question as well. No snow forts to be built or snow angels to be made. Surreal may be the right term. Is it Spring? No, not yet. Where is our winter?
Beautiful Poplar Tree
But I guess I won't complain. Though there is some disappointment with the limited skating, and sledding on grass isn't very much fun, the warmer days are wonderful for long winter walks. And exploring along a snowless winter landscape is quite interesting on it's on. But I miss the snow.

Oh well, the mountains are just a short drive away. There is quite a lot of snow there... just waiting for us.