little boy...

I have a little boy who is playing across the room from me right now. I say little, but he isn't very little anymore. He is almost up to my shoulder now, and weighs enough that I have a hard time carrying him to his room when he falls asleep on the couch. He isn't in to snuggles as much as he used to be, but can be convinced if Mama pouts a little. He brushes his own hair in the morning and dresses himself and will not have it if I suggest an outfit for him. Yes, he is a boy who plays war games in our wooded park with other boys who yell and scream and charge at one another. War games... my child? I would have never believed it, would you? ;o)

It was just a couple of evenings ago that I was laying in my bed, just starting to drift off, when I realized something... he is 8 years old.  My heart leapt. Yes I knew he was 8 years old, but I hadn't really thought about him being 8 years old. When did this happen? How did this happen... this passing of precious time.

This Christmas he will be 8 years old. And next he will be 9 years old, the last single digit of age (oh my gosh). And then 10 and then... well, you know how thoughts just tumble over each other in this sleepy, thoughtful time before bed. Your body wants desperately to rest, but your mind will not have it. Little thoughts become big thoughts, and soon you have gone through every year of this child's life in your mind and now have him at 20 years old coming home to visit from University during the Holidays. He is such a handsome young man when he is 20, my son.

Just go to sleep already.

I have a little boy who is playing across the room from me right now.

Right now... this very moment.