caramel apples

Nothing brings back memories of my childhood like caramel apples. I remember going to Halloween carnivals at my elementary school and having caramel apples before we went into the haunted house. They were so good! So today, J and I decided to make our own version.

We chose Granny Smith apples because they are J's favourite... and I love color pop they provide with their vibrant shade of green. These are also my favorite apples to keep in my fruit bowl in the kitchen. Perfect splash of color on the dark counter top.

The apples I used to have when I was a kid were always just caramel and nothing else. These apples we made today had a little of everything on them (at least everything we had on hand in the cupboard). We had some colored candies, jelly beans, chocolate chips, sprinkles and crushed nuts.

And I must say, they were a joy to create and looked awesome. But I think I may stick to the plain caramel apples myself. However, my boys sure did love all of the extra yummy goodness.

Making caramel apples is very easy. You can make your own caramel or buy those little caramel squares and melt them over medium heat. Put sticks through your apples (I used chop sticks we get with our Chinese takeout). Then dip the apples in the caramel. Decorate them any way you want, then place them on wax paper to dry. I put a little butter on the wax paper so they do not stick.