movie in the park

We attended Movie in the Park on Friday night. This is an annual end of Summer (before school starts again) event held at a neighborhood park. The last hurrah!
And it was at the most beautiful park. Big & gorgeous trees, soft grass and the most lovely lake as the backdrop. There is no other park quite like this one.

So we all picked our spots for the night, spread out our blankets, assembled our chairs and waited for the sun to go down so the movie could begin. We chatted with neighbors and old friends. And watched the kids run and play.

J searched for 4 leaf clovers in the field. He needed a little down time after literally running all over the park with his friends. Too much fun to be had.

And we waited... together... for the movie to start.

Together... as a family. Together... as a community. There really is no better feeling than being with other people. Just being close and living... breathing... enjoying this life.

The movie was good too. A wonderful way to spend a Friday evening.