spring is white

Change. Last week around this time I glanced outside and saw green grass and heard birds singing love songs from the tree tops. I stood on my back deck taking deep breathes as the warm sunshine caressed my face. Spring was on the way. Now we are covered in white again and the silence that seems to come along with that is almost deafening.
But I keep saying to myself, Spring will come along soon. And in mid Summer when it is too hot to be inside or out, I will think back to mornings like this and miss this chill in the air. I'll remember the way we would stare at flakes falling gently from the sky, and wide eyed wonder at how they danced their way to the ground. And I'll think of the way the tiny ice crystals hold to branches and marvel at the beauty of their unity.

Spring is white here for now... green is coming. All is well.