longing for spring...

I know it is barely February and Spring (especially for those of us up north) is a ways away yet...
but I want it. We had a taste of it earlier this week, but now old man winter is back. 

I am still longing for it.
I want to hear the sounds of trickling waters rolling gracefully down the falls.

I want to sit at the picnic table and enjoy a special lunch with my favourite boy.

I want to head outside and throw a few hoops.  Yes... I can do that. I'm actually pretty good.

I want to sit quietly and watch the gulls dive into the waters for their dinner. 

 Instead of ice fishing on the lake, I want to swim and canoe.

 And I want to be able to go outside without my hat and scarf and coat. Although... I kind of rock that look. :)

Soon enough it will be here... buds will be popping up, green grass will appear, and the world will be alive with all the newness that Spring brings. 

So for now... I will wait and dream of that time. 

Oh what the heck... let's bundle up and go sledding.