everybody needs beauty...

"Everybody needs beauty...places to play in and pray in
where nature may heal and cheer and give strength to the body and soul alike."

~John Muir~

 On this first day of Winter, my thoughts are here. Beauty in it's purest form. My rugged Rockies and the foothills leading to them are my places to play in and to pray in. And now it has become my son's place as well... oh how I love to share it with him. How massive it all is... yet I have never felt more safe.
The energy within these waters is undeniable. They have come so far to be here, yet they are here for only a moment before they are on their way again. Listen and they will tell you of their travels.

Happy Winter Solstice everyone.
I hope you can get out and enjoy this most beautiful season.

* photos are from a daytrip we took previously*