a daydream in purple flowers

Is it morning already? I stretch and yawn and glance at the clock, then turn over and bury my head in the pillow. The morning sunlight makes it's way in through cracks and under curtains. Wake up sleepy head... a new day begins. But oh how I do enjoy just laying there in my comfy bed under the covers, enjoying the quiet feel of a new day. Sometimes I close my eyes again for a moment and set in place a daydream to ponder.

On this particular morning, as I lay listening to the happenings outside my open window, the daydream wrote itself.
As the wind danced it's way through the leaves outside, I am sure I heard a faerie humming a joyful morning song. No doubt she was happily preparing for the friends that would be visiting her later today. Fluttering from place to place, she must prepare before their arrival, gathering goodies for the mid day feast.
I wonder if maybe she could have taken a home in the new birdhouses we painted and placed outside? Far too small for most birds around here, but perfect for a tiny faerie family. Could it be so...
Oh to live in a house far off the ground, with the wise willow trees to protect you... and next to our purple mystery flowers. J would be thrilled to have her stay in the house he himself painted.
Just a few steps away, a short flying distance, are glorious strawberries just ripe for a faerie potluck. Please... take one or two. We would love to share.
And over a ways are more purple flowers, this time petunias. They shall serve as tiny umbrellas on this misty day.
Friends from the wooded area next door will come for the gathering... bunnies, squirrels, a chickadee or two. And maybe even an elf will stop by, as J was sure he saw one in there not long ago. Tiny he was... running and giggling... and then he was gone.
And as they gather between the bushes where more purple flowers grow, they will laugh and dance and have merriment... as magical creatures do.

Please... can I come too?