thoughts beside the lake

I am in love with pussy willows... they are so very delightful. I adore willows in general, as my long time readers will know. But I especially love the softness and whimsy of a pussy willow. For I am sure these fluffy catkins are used as beds for faeries and pillows for hummingbirds. Only a cloud floating toward heaven could be as soft as a pussy willow.
It was a lovely day today, though a little chilly. But the sun was shining and the water was blue... almost as blue as that sky. And as I strolled along beside the lake I knew all was as it should be.
Even the easter bunny stayed around to enjoy this beautiful sunshine. I suppose he does deserve a break.
And as I stare... and how could I not stare... across the water, the sunshine seems to preform a dance for me. It gracefully jumps from tiny ripple to tiny ripple. Dance for me again...

I worry about nature sometimes... about our impact on her. Guilt rolls over me for all the things we have done to her... taken from her and from ourselves. But then on days like today... when nature lets me be a part of it and shows me all she has to offer... I am filled with gratitude for the feeling of oneness. How gracious she is... how forgiving. It is pure love... flowing freely from her to me and from me to her.

And right now... all is as it should be.