simple joys of springtime

Touches of Spring are everywhere the eye may wander these days.Green goodness is sprouting up everywhere in the garden... and my dirty fingernails and sore back are a sure sign that Spring has sprung.
We have been spending time outside whenever possible. The temperatures are still up and down right now... some days are lovely warm and others are quite chilly. But on those nice days you can certainly find us out and about, displaying our art on the driveway.
And kite flying upon those beautiful Springtime winds. This cloud looks much more ominous in this picture than it actually was. :)
And taking long walks to find the greenest of trees against the bluest of skies... if only my camera could have captured the green that my eye saw.
Lovely Springtime... Happy Easter to those that celebrate.
And hope you are all having a rockin' wonderful weekend.