the little things

I am finding the more I settle in with my new job, the more I want to incorporate the old back into my life. Seems so many of the lovely little things I used to do each day have been pushed aside to make room for work. I think maybe in the beginning that is how it needs to be so you can get a handle on all of the new... but it shouldn't be so for too long. For those little things that have been a part of life for so long and have brought such joy... they are indeed the most important. They help to ground us and bring us back to where we need to be. Things like walking in the woods at twilight, or slowly sipping coffee in the morning while watching the sunrise, or reading... it seems I haven't read in ages.
Beautiful pines down from where I work
I am getting used to the idea of working now. The job is wonderful and rewarding in ways I could have never imagined before. So now my focus is on bringing those little things back into my daily life. After work and weekends are just not enough... I need these little things more than that. I've had people tell me that you can't have both... that there isn't enough hours in the day. But they are wrong. I'm still listening to that rhythm... and it tells me they are wrong.

At lunch the other day, I went a few blocks from work and walked through a beautiful little park. No... it wasn't the woods at twilight... but there was beauty and nature there.

The other morning I poured a cup of hot coffee and sat in my office watching the sun rise. No I wasn't in my pj's at home looking out my kitchen window... but the coffee was just as good and the sunrise was just as beautiful.

I guess what I am discovering is that beauty and life happens no matter where you are... if you have eyes to see it...

and I do... or at least I am trying to.