the sadness within the joy

Christmas has come and gone. And with memories so fresh in our minds, we can truly say a jolly ol' time was had by all. Much laughter... much chatter... much love being given and taken. And as time flew by as it always seems to do this time of year, we found ourselves sighing with a little sadness as we thought of the next time we would all be together... a time too far away.
It has taken many years for me to realize that sadness in life is not always a bad thing. The sadness we felt over Christmas was there only because of the love we experience. And for the want of not letting go of that love. Simple and true, though you are immersed in a moment of happiness and content, the knowledge that the moment can not last is there. Not always at the surface, but sometimes deep inside a heart too full to contain it all.

So as we try so hard to stay in the moment, our minds do wander here and there. And we think of that longing that we have felt so many times. And look forward to the next time that we see each other.