Happy Birthday Little Man

Today my little boy turned 6 years old. I'm not quite sure where the past six years have gone. It feels like only yesterday that I held that sweet baby boy in my arms, and kissed his sweet brow. Well... it was just yesterday... but you know what I mean. There he is... my 9lb 11oz new born baby. We had a difficult time getting him into this world... I won't go into detail. But it all turned out perfect in the end and we had a beautiful little baby boy.
And today... he is 6 years old. We had his big birthday party with his friends on the weekend and had a little family get together before that, so today we celebrated... just us. Above is the little banner I made him.
And cupcakes... must have cupcakes. Must have chocolate cupcakes.
Make a wish my little man... I am sure it will come true. One time I made a wish... and you came true for me.
Here is a picture my nephew took at J's party this weekend... some of the boys waiting to go on the go-karts. The party was fun... go-karts, mini golf, climbing wall, laser tag... and it lasted for 6 hours. We didn't plan for it to be 6 hours... that is just how it went. Too much fun to stop. :)