a morning filled with miracles

Creeping slowly... finding her way to my toes and up my body to my resting eyes. Wake up sleepy head... morning is upon you. I could not resist her call... my eyes open and I am one with her.

She beckoned me outside and I followed. Who could resist such an enticing request? And as I sat beneath my giant Willow tree she gifted me with miracle after miracle. And lesson after lesson.

Never doubt me. This first year lavender that you thought would not bloom... I have breathed my love into it's gentle soul.

Have faith and patience.

A little pine tree, making it's way to life where no pine tree was expected.

You will find ways to grow in places you never imagined.

The stages of life within a single marigold plant. Birth, life, death... off of one single stem.

We are separate, yet we are one. Connected.

Thank you morning... thank you for these everyday miracles and the lessons behind each one. My eyes are wide open.

I wonder what the afternoon will bring me.