baby birds and growing up

We found this little guy in the backyard almost hidden in the grass yesterday. I spied him first. He was sitting there so very still. My heart sank a little as I thought he might have fallen to his death from the above trees, but as we walked closer we could see that he was alive. Poor little thing must have been in shock. He didn't move other than looking up and opening his beak.

Normally, we believe in letting nature take it's own course and not interfering, but we couldn't let this little bird sit there with our big dog in the back yard (not to mention all of the cats that like come over and visit). So I called my husband, the best animal whisperer I know, and he came to this little bird's rescue. He placed a limb under his feet and the little bird grabbed on. He took him up on the deck, away from the dog, and there we all got to know each other a little better.
Sweet little thing... his feathers were not very long yet. We were not sure he could fly. He sat there with us on his limb and even let us feed him a seed or two. My hubby gave him some water as well. We never touched him... just sat with him and shared some time.
Then we left him there, near the bird feeder. We were hoping some other birds would come by and maybe he would see them fly and pick it up himself.
My son however did not want to leave him there alone, so he sat next to him for quite a while. I watched them out the kitchen window. The little bird started to move around, and then started to hop from spot to spot. My boy sat close talking to him and showing him how to fly by moving his own arms up and down. Then, after several 'almost' attempts, the little bird jumped from the deck. He was flying! He made it across the yard and to a branch on one of our Willow trees. It was shaky and you could see it took a lot of effort... but he made it. J ran inside yelling "Mom, he flew away. I taught him to fly!".
It was later in the day, as my husband and son were in the front yard watering the plants, that my son said thoughtfully "You know Dad... one day they are a little baby bird, the next day they are an adult bird. Boy they grow up quick."
Yes sweetheart... you are very right.