As I stepped outside this morning...

I waited on my front steps this morning for my husband to pick me up to go to work. I lounged in bed too long in the early morn, snug and warm under the familiar and safe covers. So hubby went alone to drop J off at school and would return to pick me up. I was reluctantly ready before he returned, so I decided to wait outside on our front steps for his return. As I stood there, I could smell the cold in the air around me. You know that smell right? The smell of crisp coolness, indescribable but unmistakable. My eyes turned to the trees across the street from me... and I could here the birds chirping a joyful song. Do they know something I do not? It is cold out... the ground is covered with more snow... and the slick ice is certainly underneath it all. Another day like this... why are those birds so happy?

I sat my coffee cup on top of the wall next to me, and I could here the crackle beneath it. It was everywhere, that crackly sound of frozen, melted, then frozen again ice and snow. As I rocked back and forth (the way all mothers do, even when there are no babes in your arms) I heard that same sound under my feet. My heart sank a little.

I let my eyes wander upwards toward the sky and stared for a few moments. Hum... it looked almost silver today. Little glimmers of sunlight poking through and cloud covered sky. Looking down towards the trees the sparkles continued, as if tiny diamonds had been hung in the branches overnight, no doubt by the tree faeries I so often search for. Some of those diamonds must have fallen to the ground as it glimmered just as bright now. Maybe the crackling I here are just those faeries giggling at me, amused by my frustration in the weather. I take a deep breathe and fill my body with that coolness. As I breathe it out I can see it before me, floating away.

Now I know why those birds are singing. Because it is beautiful... it is perfect. A slight smile crossed my lips. But was soon followed by a fleeting moment of sadness... as I know this will be gone soon, not to be seen again for many months. This coldness, this snowy wonderland which is mine... is slowly (very slowly) leaving us. How grateful I am for the opportunity to feel it this morning, and say goodbye for now.