the zoo was calling today

The weather was so beautiful today we decided to head out to the zoo for a couple of hours. We packed up a few things and off we went this morning, right over to Daddy's work to pick him up so he could enjoy this beautiful day with us. Who wants to work on a day like today?

We truly have a gorgeous little zoo here. It is nestled in right next to downtown. Look through the trees and you can see the Tower.

We also saw...

This big guy... playing with some of those wild cardboard boxes of Africa you here so much about. I didn't get a good picture of the baby, but let me just say CUTE CUTE CUTE!

This little guy caught my eye too. He kept coming up to the glass to say hi.

And I am happy to see the singrays back. We stayed and watched them for close to an hour, and listened to the zookeepers talk. There is something very calming about these gentle creatures.

And this little guy came right out of his enclosure and crawled over to say hi. He has a spot on his back that was burned last year, but he is recovering well now.

A fun morning had by all. And when we left, since we were so close by (kind of)...

Had to go for a Milkshake at Peter's. Those in Calgary will understand why.

More crafts to come soon. I guess I'm just too busy enjoying the other parts of life right now. But soon... very soon.