a quiet house

The house is quiet.

My little boy fell asleep just a while ago, warm and snug in his bed with his favourite two stuffies and Mama laying beside him. As he fell into slumber I lay there, feeling his warm breath on my face. I kissed his cheek and left him to dream.

My big boy is asleep next to me on the couch. The remote still in his hand (but I have already turned off the tv). He is still in his work clothes... so tired after a long day in the office. I will not wake him... I'll let him lay there awhile longer.

The dog lay on her blanket. She too is dreaming... of running I think. Her little paws moving back and forth.

And I sit here drinking my tea. A thought crossed my mind about going to the craftroom to make something. But instead, I think I will sit here a little longer... and listen to my quiet house.