a friday morning drive

We've been stuck in the house for most of the week with none of us feeling well. So after our doctor's appointment and a visit to Daddy's work we decided to go for a little drive in Kananaskis Country.
The Elbow River flows through quite a bit of Kananskis (at least where we were driving), so we got some nice views of it. Though the temperatures were up to plus 1 today, it was still very slippery. But well worth the hike up to the banks.
Above is the view down the valley from Elbow Falls.
So much beauty to take in.
And then the falls itself. The whole reason to hike up the hill by the river. So nice to see. And to hear.

Now we are home. J is playing quietly with toys and I am about to start our stew for dinner. It was a beautiful day with the sun shining and warmers temperatures. It won't last long as snow and cold are expected in the next couple of days. But we will enjoy for now.

Have a great weekend!