Looking back on 2008

It's the last day of the year already? Wasn't it just yesterday that we celebrated the start of 2008 with a quiet family celebration? Wasn't it just the other day that the Spring warmth was melting the snow away revealing the tiny little bud that would soon become a flower. It was certainly just last week that my son was only 4 and still in preschool, playing with his little friends and learning his letters? It couldn't have been that long ago since I felt the hot Summer sun on my face and smelled the beautiful scents from the garden. Didn't we just drive to Saskatchewan and celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the family farm and see faces we hadn't seen in quite a while? Has it really been 6 months ago now that we started our own business? And I could have sworn we just had a long walk in the woods surrounded by crisp Autumn leaves. No... it couldn't have been that long ago. It was just yesterday... wasn't it?

The memories are all so fresh in my mind still. What a glorious year we have had. Everything was perfect.. .although we may not have seen it at the time. It all turned out the way it should. And now things are different... but still the same. It's still our life.

My boy is now 5 years old and going to kindergarten. He is playing soccer on the U6 team. U6?? I can still remember those little guys running around on the U4 team... big baggy jerseys down to their knees. We have been at our new business for a while now and making it all work. Our own business... that's crazy! The snow is covering the ground and the garden is sleeping until the Spring. Christmas is over and the new year is coming. And we are healthy, we are happy... and we love each other more than ever.

We are off tonight to celebrate the coming of another year with friends. I wish you all a very happy New Year. May it be all that you want it to be.