Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas...

It's Christmas Eve! It is going to be -11C up here today, which is a huge improvement. And the best part... there is a possibility of snow tonight and tomorrow. We already have several feet of snow up here, but I love to have the flakes actually falling on Christmas. Just a light flurry. It will add to the magical feeling that surrounds these days.

My Mom took J for a playdate yesterday, so I had a bit of a break and some time to pick up one last thing. I drove out to a little hamlet just southwest of the city to pick up a beautiful handmade creation from a friend that lives out there (lucky girl). I love driving alone... had my Timmy's coffee, listening to Xavier Rudd on the cd player and just taking in the sights. The mountains, which are a little further west of us, kept calling to me as I drove though. But alas, as much as I wanted to keep driving and visit them, I just didn't have the time. The mountains were in full few as I drove down the highway, but once I turned off and headed south, the foothills beside me hid them. But I could still hear them calling... quietly but unmistakable. And once I arrived at my destination, One was there peeking over the hillside.

Today is the start of the Christmas celebrations for us. We have one today, one tomorrow and one on Boxing Day. My nephew flies in tonight. Time spent with family and friends... nothing could be better. We will be missing my hubby's sister and her family this year though. This will be the first we haven't spent with them. But they are staying home to celebrate this year, which should be a wonderful experience for them.

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas... Happy Holidays. Enjoy the time... don't worry about the small stuff. Just enjoy the time.