-40C this morning... burrrr

It is still freezing cold up here. It was -30C this morning and -40C with wind chill. It has been cold all weekend, and now we started the week with the coldest day yet. No snow since Sunday morning though, so most of the main roads are cleared. Our cozy little cul-de-sac is never cleared though, so it is a little hard getting to and from. But oh well... we are getting around it all. I used to complain about days like this, but I don't anymore. I try and embrace them and be thankful for them. It is all part of living so far north... we really get to experience winter (and it's not even winter yet). Snow, cold, ice and all that... just comes with the territory. How fortunate we are to have a warm house, winter clothing and hot coffee (yes, I live on coffee and tea this time of year).
My thoughts have been with the homeless of our city the past few days. I pray that every single person was inside last night. I have to give it up for our homeless shelters and drop in centers. They have been working really hard to make sure everyone has a warm place to stay. They have been bussing people around and finding accomodations. Thank goodness for them. The animal shelters have been working overtime as well gathering strays. Those poor animals... they get cold too. Our puppy can't even stay outside for more than a couple of minutes before she is begging to come in. Yep... it's cold. Keep warm everyone!